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About 50 years later, cold colors green and blue want to conquer the game world and make all game developers use cold colors to desigon their games.

So the Red, the hottest color in warm colors is the first aim of evil green and blue.

you, young hero, you will lead the warm colors to protect the red, the last hope of colorful game world, in the first battle field Break out Game.
Protect The Red previouslyPTR Gaming

How To

How To Play Protect The Red

Drag and Drop the brick to stop the ball or change the ball’s direction.
drag drop

Remember, Protect The Red!

How To Win The Game

  • Punch the ball out;
  • Make the ball halt;
    drag and drop bricks to decrease the ball's velocit, when the velocity is less than 1, you win! ^^
  • Red is still red with at least 1 brick, when time up.
    still 1 brick


Designer & Developer


Thanks for the sharing free musics and sounds


  • FengZhongShaoNian

He gave me many of advices.

Original Ideas

The original idea is from Break Out Game.

break out game

About Crazy Mod

Try to win in crazy mod. Enjoy it! ^^


Feel free to contact Tim, He is not a cold guy.
Two ways to contact him:

  • Go to his blog, and leave a message;
  • or Go to his blog, find his email and publish key, send a email to him


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